Fortamoto: Excellence in Quality and Service of Motocycle Gear

I recently came across the Fortamoto website while searching for a gift for my boyfriend. I decided to get him a new helmet because hi old one was looking a little worn and dated. I had browsed through a few other stores but I felt a little doubtful about the quality of the helmets available. After all this is not an item you ever want to cheap out on. I was a little lost but the staff were very helpful and assisted me in finding the perfect motorcycle helmet. There was a range of styles and brands to choose from at reasonable prices.


Trying out the Shark Evo-One

My order of the Shark Evo-One helmet arrived within a week of purchase. I was worried about figuring out the measurements but by following the size guides available on the website I was able to order a motorcycle helmet that fit securely. Moreover, I was assured that my purchase met the necessary safety and quality standards. The motorcycle helmet I purchased from Fortamoto was ECE approved, though not DOT approved. The helmet I purchased also featured bluetooth intergration and the visor automatically folds down when you close the chin strap, or it can be folded back on warmer days. The visor doesn’t fog up and the helmet itself feels a lot lighter than the old helmet.


I was so pleased by my shopping experience that I am eager to make more purchases from Fortamoto. They have a variety of other motorcycle gear available including gloves, boots, clothes, backpacks and other accessories. There’s something for every motocycle owner.